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What is PROPEL® Orthodontics?

What is PROPEL® Orthodontics?

PROPEL® Orthodontics provides innovative devices and procedures to realign teeth as quickly and painlessly as possible. The PROPEL® System can be combined with current orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign® and traditional braces, to help move teeth into their desired position 50 percent faster.

The PROPEL® System uses a procedure called Alveocentesis™ to make orthodontic systems such as Invisalign® and traditional braces more efficient. Alveocentesis™ stimulates the production of alveolar bone in the maxilla and mandible (the upper and lower jaw). Accelerated bone development allows teeth to shift into their ideal position faster and with much less resistance.

A classically beautiful smile can improve your life socially, psychologically, and functionally.  However, bone growth and development are much slower in adulthood, which makes orthodontics more difficult and less responsive later in life. Adults often require orthognathic surgery to achieve the desired result.

In addition to less bone development, adults heal more slowly, and their teeth shift at a slower rate. Thanks to its revolutionary technology, PROPEL® Orthodontics can help with all of these factors while on your journey to achieve a perfect smile.

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