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Supra-Crestal Fiberotomy


After orthodontic treatments, fibers between the teeth and jawbone can act like rubber bands, undoing the results by slowly pulling the teeth back to their original position. This is particularly true for teeth that were rotated (twisted) during orthodontic care.

A fiberotomy is performed towards the end of orthodontic treatment before braces are removed to relieve these fibers and keep teeth in their new position.

What to Expect

An orthodontist and periodontist carefully determine which teeth are subject to repositioning. The procedure involves moving around the circumference of each of these teeth, gently detaching the fibers from the gum tissue.

Fiberotomies greatly help to preserve orthodontic treatment results. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used only on teeth that are at high risk for relapsing back to an unfavorable position. As with all orthodontic procedures, a removable or fixed retainer is still necessary to prevent relapse.

At Daniel Tebbie, DMD we can evaluate your risk of relapse and let you know if a fiberotomy is necessary. Call us today to schedule a comprehensive evaluation. 


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