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Appliance Therapy

Appliance Therapy

In many cases, braces are not the only answer to orthodontic intervention. Crooked teeth and misalignment can be corrected in a variety of ways, depending on the case.

Arch development is a collective term that describes a variety of appliances used to extend both arch width and length. These appliances range from the simple Schwarz appliance with lap springs to the high-speed, rapid palatal expanders. These appliances may utilize orthodontic movement, orthopedic movement, or a combination of both and may be either fixed or removable.

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Improve Your Bite with Oral Appliance Therapy

With proper design, expansion appliances may be used to move teeth on either side of the arch unilaterally or bilaterally. They may be used to relieve crowding or help widen or lengthen the arch. They can be customized to perform movement in multiple directions, or only specific teeth. This precise manipulation helps minimize the need for extractions or more invasive procedures.

In children, the majority of lateral expansion appliances are used to treat crossbites, crowded front teeth with an overbite, or a combination of these conditions.

In adults, arch development appliances are mainly used to correct crowding of the highly visible front teeth to create a balanced and healthy facial structure. There are a variety of advanced appliances that use fixed expanders, innovative laser welding techniques that produce strong bands and wires, and acrylic that can be customized with fun colors and glitter. Call our office and schedule a consultation to find out if appliance therapy is right for your smile.


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